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Keeping fresh and focussed in a long term role (from our archives)

It's the perennial question: how do you stay motivated in a job that you love after years? This classic article…


Applause: Latest awards and funding announced

Women in Music Awards, winner of Fauvette Loureiro Scholarship, Nonfiction Young Writers shortlisted and more accolades this week.

Career Advice

How to cope with the pressure to do more

Systemic issues, hustle culture, financial necessity and personal ambition can make it difficult to set boundaries and say no to…


On the Move: Latest sector appointments and departures

Adelaide Festival to seek new Executive Director; Nexus Arts announces new leadership team; new Board members at Sydney Biennale; Adelaide…

Career Advice

Mental health online (beyond avoiding the comments)

For writers, performers and other artists, social media can be both fertile and frightening. ABC’s Osman Faruqi shares some tips…

Career Advice

How to conquer impostor syndrome

Scoring the job is not always the confidence boost you'd expect. Many people in the arts suffer from crippling self-doubt…


Cultural Ministers agree to new performing arts framework

Brisbane’s Circa have been invited to become a Major Performing Arts company as the MPA Framework itself is set to…

Opinions & Analysis

Five techniques to build resilience

Arts and wellness educator Molly W. Schenck talks about how to have tough conversations in art without traumatising collaborators.


Why arts education is valuable for schools

Sandra Gattenhof makes the case for arts being included as core skills in both public and private schools to create…


6 podcasts for better mental health

Following your bliss, understanding the mind or dealing with depression, these podcasts are good for your brain.

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