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Humans are born for survival, not to commune with truth.


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Jun 8, 2024

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Jun 29, 2024


Metro Arts


97 Boundary Street, West End QLD, Australia

Panopticon is a series of digitally animated GIFs, displayed on large LCD screens, partially concealed by prison-cell window frames.

Dustin Voggenreiter’s work explores the idea of our limited capacity to understand the world around us.

As creatures born with perceptions geared towards survival, we grasp at making sense of the complex, chaotic reality we inhabit.

From the Artist:

Panopticon is about how the world around us differs in unimaginable ways from what we believe to be true. Why focus on whether we accurately perceive reality or not? Because now more than ever, the increasingly intense mainstream media narrative of division dissipates when we reconnect with our common humanity – quirks and all, ” – Dustin Voggenreiter.

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