Warrnambool Art Gallery

Hannah Brontë: Sunday's Child

Hannah Brontë's exhibition 'Sunday's Child' is an exploration of Queer Joy.


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May 25, 2024

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Sep 29, 2024


Warrnambool Art Gallery


26 Liebig Street, Warrnambool VIC, Australia

Playing with the 19th Century childhood nursery rhyme that describes a child born on Sunday to be good and gay, Hannah Brontë’s exhibition Sunday’s Child is an exploration of Queer Joy. Through Queerification of a western heteronormative family structure, Brontë allows us to expand our lineage to those that we call family.

“I was raised in a Queer and blended family that gave me a very broad view of what family means. The ones who can dream, dance, eat. learn, grow and worship with are not always who we are born to”, Brontë writes.

Shot with film, amongst the backdrop of places in nature that nurture and protect the protagonists, Brontë asks us to see Queer Joy in all its tender glory.

Image: Hannah Brontë, Sunday’s Child (title frame, detail), Whian Whian on Widjabul country, 2023, film


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