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University of Tasmania

Bachelor of Music

When you think about a world without music, the silence is deafening. As old as humanity itself, music is indispensable for communication, entertainment, wellbeing and imagination. It is the soundtrack to our lives, whether streaming content, playing video games, or living through societal upheaval and cultural change, and continues to take on exciting new forms.

Studying music from our island campus of Tasmania teaches you to embrace diversity, connections and ingenuity, leading to a rewarding future in music. Your degree is built around a Music Practice major, in which you develop your individual skills in a specialisation of your choice:

  • Classical Performance
  • Jazz and Popular Music Performance
  • Composition
  • Commercial Music Creation
  • Music Technology
  • Songwriter

You also have the unique option to combine two specialisations, or two different instruments within a single specialisation, with the Dual Practice major.

Tasmania provides a unique backdrop for exploring both current and historical cultural contexts of music. Discover how place, spectacle, politics and the future borrow from and influence music, letting your interests drive the creation of new works and projects. To help you realise ideas and prepare you for the ever-changing musical landscape, you will pick up essential skills in recording, digital production, arranging, project management and an awareness of the music industry.

Go boldly into your creative future at The Hedberg

It all happens from The Hedberg – the new home of music here in Hobart. Leverage the building’s ground breaking technical capability and generous studio spaces to improve the scale and complexity of your work. Sit in on a professional multi-room recording session, discover how variable acoustics are used as a compositional tool, or explore the production workflow of a visiting producer in a masterclass.

From year one, you will take part in a vibrant public concert program across the Hedberg’s incredible venues and spaces — and outside in Tasmania’s thriving arts scene. From the Conservatorium Orchestra and Big Band, to the Experimental Music Ensemble and ARIA-award nominated Southern Gospel Choir, you can perform in a range of ensembles which celebrate the diversity of music.

Through access to exclusive creative collaborations with Fine Arts, Media, and Theatre and Performance students you will build close creative networks, test working relationships, and leverage your accomplishments to generate future opportunities. Find yourself working with Tasmania’s left-field festivals, creating scores for diverse creative projects, or soaking up inspiration together on a field trip overseas.