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University of Melbourne

Bachelor of Design

Good design has the power to transform and provide lasting solutions that improve our lives.

Designers apply creative and open approaches to defining and solving problems, leading to high-quality decisions. This enables businesses and industries to overcome rigid or outdated ways of doing things.

Design has applications in the creation and improvement of our cities, buildings, transport networks, furniture, websites, processes, bridges, landscapes and environment. Designers are innovators who enhance the way we live and interact with the world around us.

Be in demand

With job markets evolving constantly, gaining skills that transfer across industries is really important. The ability to apply design thinking is now recognised as a specific and desirable skill.

As technology drives more and more aspects of our lives, designers are playing an important role expanding the potential of the Internet of Things, such as smart homes, smart cities and intelligent transportation.

If you are imaginative, enjoy learning about new fields, and want to play a role in improving the way we live and the places we live in, Design could be a good fit for you.

Learn through making and doing

Design studios, site visits, field trips and interaction with industry practitioners will take you into ‘real life’ situations with industry briefs.

You will study in award-winning state-of- the-art teaching facilities that demonstrate many of the design techniques you will be working to acquire in class.

The work you will do in class uses the same collaborative approaches you’ll find in workplaces, ensuring you are industry-ready from day one. Many of your teachers are also working in industry at the same time, sharing current knowledge and practice directly with you.

The Bachelor of Design allows you to combine the humanities, sciences and visual and performing arts within a single degree. You can further tailor your skills through breadth study and third-year design specialisations, such as Building Image Modelling (BIM), to expand your core program. You can focus on one or two majors, or complete a major and a minor.

Your degree

As a Bachelor of Design student, you’ll use innovative processes to solve problems creatively and determine solutions for a better future. You will develop expert knowledge and skills, and study real projects within the built environment, engineering, technology and performing and visual arts disciplines.

Your connections

The Melbourne curriculum connects students with each other, the University community and the wider world. You will be surrounded by other high-achieving students who will inspire you to take on new challenges and push yourself to a higher level.

We encourage every student to engage with organisations outside the University, through internships with business and community groups, applied research projects and overseas study programs.

Our graduates are in demand: we are ranked 8th in the world for graduate employability.1 More than 250 Australian and international organisations – consulting and technology firms, government and industry – actively recruit on campus each year.

1. QS Graduate Employability 2021

Please note: There is no portfolio necessary for entry into the course

A portfolio is not required for entry into the course. You will be producing your own designs and learning different design techniques from your very first semester.