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South Australia

Flinders University

Bachelor of Creative Industries (Festivals and Arts Production)

Learn to plan, market and manage festivals and arts events, and fast track your career in the fast-paced festivals sector.

This degree will help you develop career-ready skills in arts event production, business planning, strategic thinking and marketing. You’ll learn how to plan and manage festivals and events from the ground up, working with highly experienced teachers and in close collaboration with industry. This hands-on degree will see you graduate with highly transferable skills, prepared for a range of exciting roles in the arts and other sectors.

Why study Creative Industries (Festivals and Arts Production) at Flinders

  • Develop the creativity, strategic thinking, business capability and practical skills required for success in the creative and cultural industries sector and specifically in the delivery of festivals and arts events.
  • Take charge of your own creative career, and tailor your learning to meet your own individual goals in the creative industries.
  • Learn to produce your own arts events in collaboration with multi-disciplinary creative teams, industry stakeholders and community organisations.
  • Understand and apply cultural policy, cultural leadership and event direction.
  • Learn to work adaptively with new media and disruptive technologies in a fast-changing, technologically driven industry environment.