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Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours)

Explore advanced creative projects and research through a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours). Honours is a year of specialised study that allows you to combine the theory and practical skills gained throughout your undergraduate degree. While undertaking an individual creative project, you will be supported in your development as an independent practitioner as you build your skills, critical engagement and depth of knowledge in your chosen area of study.

It is an opportunity to expand your knowledge in a field you are passionate about and to develop invaluable research and life skills that will stay with you throughout your career.

Do you want to find your creative practice in the field and critically engage with the work of your contemporaries?

With a strong interdisciplinary focus, this course enables students from all creative arts disciplines – dance, drama, photography, design, and visual arts – to learn from each other and develop their creative arts practice and scholarly research skills.

You will form ongoing relationships with practitioners and peers in related creative areas through critical feedback with industry connections and research experts from government-run and community arts organisations.

Whether you choose to work in industry as an individual practitioner, or within a creative team, this honours program will help you develop as a critically engaged thinker and highly skilled practitioner and researcher.

After graduating, you can further your studies in research or professional practice by applying for direct entry into the second year of the Master of Creative Arts by coursework, a Master of Arts by Research, or you could pursue a PhD.