Perth Festival

Wild Things Perth Festival Takes Over Perth Zoo

Unleash your wild things at Perth Zoo for a day.

If you could ask a zookeeper anything what would it be? Ever wondered what music an elephant likes to listen to? Do you know the story of the Western Swamp Tortoise? Ever heard of a Dibbler? Or a Hairy Marron?

We've invited ten tiny curious curators to plan and create a carnival for all the animals.

The zootopia of authors, musicians and activities for all ages include Perth Symphony Orchestra pop ups, Soukouss Internationale, James Foley, animal illustration classes, creature choreography, Noongar story telling and an animal passport trail that takes you around the world. With a focus on the conservation work by Perth Zoo, learn about the Numbat, the Western Swamp Tortoise and the Red Tail Black Cockatoo in this family day out.

Join us at the Zoo for a day to travel the world we miss so much and let your imagination run wild.

Event starts
Sunday 28 February, 2021
Event ends
Sunday 28 February, 2021
Perth Zoo
Venue Address
20 Labouchere Rd

Western Australia , South Perth

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