MTalks—Living in a Lit World

Mon 16 Dec 2019, 1pm—2pm

Light is a crucial part of how we experience our surroundings, and lighting design brings this element into our homes, cities and shared spaces in particular ways. At its best, it can help us feel safe, empowered, convivial or enchanted; at its worst, it can engender unease or discomfort. But how can we better understand the ways in which light configures our worlds? And what do lighting designers, metropolitan authorities and city dwellers need to know about light and lighting to support our shared urban futures?

Join moderator and researcher/author Shanti Sumartojo; Danish light-culture expert Mikkel Bille; illumination-focused cultural geographer Tim Edensor, and Sarah Pink, founding director of Monash University’s Emerging Technologies Lab, as they address these and other questions. In the hope of clarifying how we can make sense of this central but immaterial aspect of our everyday lives, we invite all to listen and contribute to this international panel’s considerations.

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Monday 16 December, 2019
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Monday 16 December, 2019
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Queen Victoria Gardens, St Kilda Rd

Melbourne ,

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