MMeets—The School of Life presents 'A night of better conversation: Connection'

Wed 11 Dec 2019, 6.15pm—7.15pm

Has technology caused us to lose the art of connection? Is loneliness a modern pandemic? If so, how do we cure it? How can we better reconnect?

Join this very special Night of Better Conversation hosted by the much-loved School of Life. You’ll be led in a relaxed and friendly discussion about making friends and building relationships, and an exploration of the current state of connection. How can our failures make us more interesting, and our vulnerabilities more appealing? How do we overcome shyness and connect with people with whom we seem to have nothing in common?

Event starts
Wednesday 11 December, 2019
Event ends
Wednesday 11 December, 2019
Venue Address
Queen Victoria Gardens, St Kilda Rd

Melbourne ,

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