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Egyptian Curiosities–Clay Canopic Jars, Holiday Art Class for Kids

2 for 1 offer applies (enrol one and write both names in booking form)

1 - 3 pm, Thursday 16 April (school holidays)
7 - 15 yrs

In this art workshop, participants will learn about canopic jars, an ancient Egyptian curiosity, which held and preserved human organs, such as the liver, stomach, lungs and guts. Using no fire clay, participants will get to make their own canopic jar–minus the human organs!

All materials and equipment are provided and included in the cost.

These sessions are education-based, but a lot of fun, designed for students who enjoy art and want to develop their skills.


A practising artist and arts educator for fifteen years in the UK, Sophie has led hundreds of art projects for children as well as running training sessions for teachers working with children. Her sculpture has been exhibited in a range of art galleries, with one series housed in a permanent collection at Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

Through her workshops and classes, Sophie aims to inspire creativity, sparking imagination, curiosity and awe, while at the same time teaching practical art techniques, processes and knowledge.

Sophie also works in the world of nonverbal communication, her second life-long passion. Occasionally she teaches combined nonverbal communication and art workshops.

Event starts
Thursday 16 April, 2020
Event ends
Thursday 16 April, 2020
Midland Junction Arts Centre
Venue Address
276 Great Eastern Highway Midland WA 605676 Great Eastern Highway Midland WA 6056

Perth , Midland

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