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Elevenses at The Joan

Find out about exceptional masterpieces and explore the stories behind artists, composers and musicians who created these famous works in the new Art + Music Insight series; Elevenses at The Joan.

Lecturer of Music Dr Paul Smith (University of New England); and Penrith Regional Gallery Director Sheona White will guide you through four enlightening mornings of insight and discovery.

On 9 September Dr Paul Smith will explore Romanticism in Music: The Composer's Voice.

This talk will offer insights into the large number of new compositional techniques, instruments, and performance styles which developed during this time. A major exponent of this was Schubert; and a love of salon music across Europe which offered intimate and special musical moments. This talk will also explore the first musical celebrities appearing around this time – the virtuosi - who appealed to large and diverse demographics. These composer-performers redefined the structure and role of the concerto and showcase a foundation for the ways money and music could be intertwined - a relationship that still exists today.

On 23 September, Sheona White considers; The Romantic Landscape: A Conversation with Nature

Landscape paintings are among the most iconic works in history; they are emotionally evocative and remind us how beautiful the world can be. Landscape painting is a constant influence in popular visual culture today as we experience landscape art through film, photography and social media. The Romantic Landscape will explore the conversations they began with nature and the inspiration they have sparked in others, including well-known Australian artists. 

Sessions begin at 11am with refreshments and a light morning tea, and finish at 12.30 with a short break in the middle. Each talk will incorporate a short Q&A at the end. Tickets are $15 per talk or $25 for two; ticket price includes elevenses, comprising light refreshments.

The September programme for Elevenses will be as follows;

- Monday 9 September 11am, Romanticism in Music: The Composer's Voice by Dr Paul Smith

- Monday 23 September 11am, Romantic Landscape: A Conversation with Nature Sheona White

Event starts
Monday 9 September, 2019
Event Ends
Monday 23 September, 2019
The Joan
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597 High Street

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