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Online: Mastering Voice Through Emotional Honesty with Lee Kofman

Emotional honesty is a must-have for writers of both fiction and creative nonfiction, particularly because it is a key element in a writer’s voice. A powerful, singular writer’s voice expresses our truth, warts and all – no matter the genre we work in.

Author Lee Kofman will teach you everything you need to know about writing with emotional honesty. In her online course, you’ll explore what emotional honesty means in the context of writing and hone reflective skills. You’ll also consider common roadblocks that prevent writers from being honest, and strategies to deal with these hurdles and grow more courageous.

Expected Learning Outcomes 

  • Understanding the concept of emotional honesty in writing
  • Finetuning our choices of writing subjects
  • Learning to describe emotions truthfully and vividly
  • Honing tolerance for complexity and paradox in our writing

We interviewed Lee Kofman about the importance of emotional honesty here.

Her course runs form 12 to 18 May, online. Book your spot.

Event starts
Wednesday 12 May, 2021
Event ends
Tuesday 18 May, 2021
Venue Address

New South Wales , Online

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