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NFSA Restores: MABO Life of an Island Man

Presented by NFSA, Sydney Film Festival and Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre 
NFSA Restores - reviving our cinema icons

With more than 2.8 million audiovisual items in their archive, the NFSA collects, restores, preserves and shares a variety of works – from film television and radio programs, recordings, documents and artefacts, to name a few. This year, the NFSA brings four historic films to Casula Powerhouse.

Mabo - Life of an Island Man is a documentary that explores the public and private stories of Eddie Mabo, a man who changed Australia’s legal and political landscape. The Mabo proceedings challenged the belief that Australia was an empty land when first occupied by white people. After more than 200 years of struggle, European law was at last coming to grips with pre-existing indigenous law.

Filmmaker Trevor Graham considered himself one of Mabo’s friends during the last few years of Mabo’s life. His 1989 documentary Land Bilong Islanders was the only film record of the Mabo proceedings. He created Mabo – Life of an Island Manin 1997 to show more about the little-known life of this iconic Australian figure. It reveals Mabo’s passion for his family and his home, which inspired him to fight against the entire nation and its legal system.

Event starts
Thursday 4 July, 2019
Event Ends
Thursday 4 July, 2019
Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre
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1 Powerhouse Rd Casula NSW 2170

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