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Jack Dale | Life at the Frontier

Jack Dale Mengenen (c.1922 – 2013) was a highly respected tribal elder of the Ngarinyin people. He came to painting late in life, after many hard-working years as a stockman.

When Jack picked up the brush and started to paint, he found a way to share and record his story from his own unique perspective.

Jack’s Country is an ancient land marked by imposing natural features that are infused with the power of the great Wandjina Creation Spirit.

In map-like paintings that trace the contours of the landscape, Jack used broad areas of strong colour that create remarkably modernist effects. His knowledge, committed to canvas, was used in a land claim that returned the Imintji country to its traditional owners.

His Country also holds the scars of the more recent frontier conflicts. Through painting, Jack told the stories of events that took place on his Country. Events that Jack experienced in his lifetime.

His paintings are a historical record of a long life lived deep within traditional Aboriginal law and yet also in the dangerous Kimberley frontier.

These paintings raise your interest and beg to be talked about and considered. They are indeed a doorway to a greater understanding of Australia's history. 

This exhibition is a rare opportunity to view and purchase an artist who is known as one of the greats from the Kimberley. 

Visit us at the gallery to experience Jack Dale's captivating art & remarkable life story.

Alternatively, you can scroll through our exhibition catalogue and online exhibition.

Event starts
Saturday 10 April, 2021
Event ends
Sunday 9 May, 2021
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