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Transformative Experiences: How Art and Creativity can Create Pathways to Recovery

"We talk endlessly about resilience; but resilient communities that can best withstand the impact of disaster are those with a network of social connections across different groups. Creativity, particularly creative practice that has its origins and development within a community, is a potent catalyst for social connection, compassion and ultimately, resilience." Amanda Grant

Evidence overwhelmingly suggests that art and creativity develop strength and connectedness, and can often lead a path out of trauma towards recovery and renewal.

Join facilitator Amanda Grant as she speaks with Vanessa Keenan, Christopher Cowes and Mahony Maia Kiely about the impact catastrophic bushfires have on artists; and the social and psychological recovery that accompanies arts projects undertaken in communities that have experienced these unexpected events.

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Wednesday 14 October, 2020
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Wednesday 14 October, 2020
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