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The Fifth Estate: New Economic Futures

The Fifth Estate: New Economic Futures

Tuesday 22 September 2020, 6.15pm-7.15pm at

Remember March 2020? When Australian borders closed, when we saw the first round of social restrictions? When the disturbing and surreal realities of COVID-19 finally hit home across Australia? March! We were so young.

Back then, Sally Warhaft caught up with George Megalogenis for a Fifth Estate conversation about political leadership during the pandemic, and about its historic and economic precedents.

So much has happened since. Six months on, the pair will catch up again to take stock of the shifting situation and look to the future. How will the decisions made by Scott Morrison, his government, and the national cabinet affect us for decades to come? What are the long-term economic implications of closed borders? What will happen to global markets and local jobs? What will we rebuild in the post-recession economy and what can we create anew?

Following this event, The Fifth Estate will take a break for the remainder of 2020, but the series will return fortnightly in 2021 with Sally Warhaft bringing you more live news, current affairs, politics and analysis. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for an exciting announcement about a new project from Warhaft and the Wheeler Centre, starting later this month.


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Tuesday 22 September, 2020
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Tuesday 22 September, 2020
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