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Beyond the Biennale

The Art Biennale model has seen a suite of ambitious works shown across regional Australia over the years. It is a model that has close ties with cultural tourism, and is in grounded in the presentation of ambitious work. However the almost monolithic scale of these cultural events makes them resource intensive, and presents a real risk to presenters.

We now witness a moment of being beyond this paradigm. We see a shift in the very nature of 'ambition' in our regional cultural ecology - ambition is embraced within practice itself, not necessarily within the scale or quantity of work presented.

At the core of this panel is a dialogue around how contemporary practice is no longer simply placed in or responding to our regional landscape, but instead emerging from and resonating with place, ultimately helping to inform our national identities.

Image: Fiona Foley exhibition ‘Who are these strangers and where are they going?’ at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale, 2019. Photographer Ellen Eustice

Event starts
Wednesday 3 February, 2021
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Wednesday 3 February, 2021
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