Double on Darkfield Radio - Immersive Audio At Home

An immersive audio experience that takes place in your own kitchen.

DARKFIELD RADIO is a new digital project that distills DARKFIELD’s signature audio experiences into an intense and communal at-home encounter.

As with all DARKFIELD experiences, a strange world is built from 360 degree binaural sound that perplexes the senses, deepening the immersion by casting doubt on what is real and what is imagined.

For the first broadcast: DOUBLE - all you need is a mobile device, headphones -and a friend...

DOUBLE is a troubling exercise in familiarity that explores the Capgras delusion, a condition in which the sufferer is convinced that a loved one has been replaced by an exact replica with malign intentions.

**There is only one rule: everyone has to be who they say they are.**


8:00 PM  |  9:00 PM  |  10:00 PM

JULY  17  -  SEPTEMBER 29 

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Noteworthy: DOUBLE makes history as the first audio-only event to be selected as part of the Venice International Film Festival.

Image Credit: Alex Purcell, Darkfield Radio, 2020

Event starts
Friday 17 July, 2020
Event ends
Tuesday 29 September, 2020

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