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Stephen Murray-Smith Memorial Lecture

2019 Stephen Murray-Smith Memorial Lecture: Stale pale male whale yells ‘FIRE’ in crowded theatre

Join Jon Faine AM as he delivers the 2019 Stephen Murray-Smith Memorial Lecture. In our increasingly confused world, there is turmoil wherever we look. Baby boomer optimism has been traded in for despair. Progress, it turns out, is neither inevitable nor linear. But, surely We Shall Overcome … overcome the trolls, populists and neo-fascists. How do we nudge our way back from the brink of democratic disaster? Faine believes that culture, not technology, is the answer.

Date: 17 September 2019, 6:30pm–7:30pm 

Cost: Free

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About Jon Faine

Each weekday morning from 8.30am, Jon Faine presents Mornings and The conversation hour on ABC Radio Melbourne. Known for his probing debate, quick wit and willingness to ask the stickiest of questions, Jon investigates the issues and stories affecting Melbourne – all without taking life too seriously.

After seven years as a lawyer, he entered radio broadcasting in 1989 to produce and present Radio National’s Law Report, before moving on to 3LO’s morning and afternoon programs. Jon worked on ABC TV’s InvestigatorsFirst edition and Wise UP and has been presenting the morning program on ABC Radio Melbourne since 1997. In January, he announced that this would be his last year on air.

About the Stephen Murray-Smith Memorial Lecture

This annual memorial lecture commemorates the contribution to Australian intellectual life made by Stephen Murray-Smith, founding editor of Overland magazine. The lecture promotes research and debate in the broad areas of Stephen’s interest and influence.

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Tuesday 17 September, 2019
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Tuesday 17 September, 2019
Village Roadshow Theatrette
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