MTalks—MMW presents 'Music and Sustainability'

Tue 19 Nov 2019, 6.15pm—7.15pm

From endless air-miles on tour to stadiums full of single-use plastic, the music industry’s very existence generates significant environmental challenges. As they address this situation amid Melbourne Music Week’s tenth anniversary, join moderator and music journalist Sosefina Fuamoli, co-CEO of Green Music Australia, Berish Bilander, co-founder of Strawberry Fields Tara Medina, Hamish Skermer and creative sustainability professional Ross Harding.

By discussing how key players are minimising their impact in spite of these hurdles, this talk aims to bring attention to various forms of sustainability-focused progress being made in the industry. Grab a drink or a bite at the Kiosk as panellists draw on a mixture of sincere personal engagement and extensive professional experience in speaking to a question close to many of our hearts: How can environmental responsibility and the music business better coexist and flourish? Whether you’re a devotee of Madonna or Merzbow, this discussion is bound to inspire.

This event is curated and produced by Jessie French in collaboration with the City of Melbourne.

Event starts
Tuesday 19 November, 2019
Event ends
Tuesday 19 November, 2019
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Queen Victoria Gardens, St Kilda Rd, Melbourne, 3004

Melbourne ,

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