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MFF IDEAS PROGRAM 2021 | CREATING THE CONSUMER: Twentieth Century Fashion with Peter McNeil

Being a good citizen in the 20th century meant being a modern consumer, with a related fear of poverty, backwardness and ‘the old’ ways – unhygienic, unscientific, unsophisticated. The twentieth century – the century of the consumer and consumer excess – is also the century of the couturier, the designer, the branding expert and the fashion ‘industry’ at large. Learn how fashion consumption has travelled in all directions, across class lines, between urban and rural areas, and around the globe. How does fashion relate to the ‘lifestyles’ and celebrities that populated 20th century culture? Can we separate the significance of fashion in people’s lives from the ugly side of this enormous global industry or we are discussing different things?

Event starts
Wednesday 17 March, 2021
Event ends
Wednesday 17 March, 2021
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