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Opinions & Analysis

Stepping into the unknown – finding a future in COVID

What does the future hold for us in living with COVID? In the final Wellness and Recovery Resource article Trisnasari…

Career Advice

Courage vs confidence

Overcoming anxiety can mean discovering your courage. Dr Jackie Bailey re-examines this sought-after quality.


Connecting through kindness

Isolation has become our new normal because of COVID-19, but psychologist Trisnasari Fraser argues that random acts of corona-kindness may…

Opinions & Analysis

Why right now is the perfect moment for hope

Feeling a little burnt-out? It's a natural response when hope is in short supply but according to Dr Jackie Bailey,…

Career Advice

A Career Coach’s Guide to Self Care and Positivity for the long haul

Veteran Emmy and AACTA Award-winning producer Ellenor Cox is a coach and mentor. Here are her survival strategies for staying…


It’s time to talk about spiritual wellbeing

Artists have a unique connection to spirituality though they are wary about talking about it, according to Dr Jackie Bailey.


Where artists can go for help in isolation

Feeling overwhelmed or isolated by COVID-19? Trisnasari Fraser looks at some of the common responses to lockdown and how to…


Our new resource for arts wellness

ArtsHub is launching a new mental health series of the sector with the support of the Judith Neilson Institute.