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Exploring the potentials of hybrid work

A breadth of research shows that hybrid work arrangements should take into account lessons from COVID rather than a blanket…


Mental health issues surge for performing artists

Research from Edith Cowan University shows 63.5% of Australia’s performing artists reported worsening mental health due to COVID.


New report reveals how the arts can survive and thrive with digital engagement

The Australian Council latest research demonstrates changes in audience expectations with the increasing digitisation of our arts economy, but also…

Opinions & Analysis

Revealed: How New Zealanders feel about the arts

A look at Creative NZ’s just-released triennial survey, giving an in-depth insight into how Aotearoa views the arts.


New report is a wake up call of failings in equity and diversity representation

In sync with global trends, the Australia Council’s latest report calls for increased equity and accountability: the arts do not…


Exit Interview: Dr Wendy Were, Director Advocacy and Development, Australia Council

From international engagement strategies to showing how Australian's value culture, Wendy Were has ushered in new research for change -…


Fremantle revealed as WA’s creative capital according to new research

According to data, 0.62% of Fremantle’s total fulltime workforce consists of visual and performing artists, compared with 0.29% for Perth…

Opinions & Analysis

What next for a national arts policy?

Drawing together the latest research from the Australia Council and A New Approach, Dr Jackie Bailey looks at the future…

Opinions & Analysis

Imagining 2030: A New Approach sets the horizon on a national cultural policy

The need for a national cultural policy has long been touted as critical for the arts to be better valued…

Opinions & Analysis

How art intervenes in an emergency

An artistic inquiry into disaster preparedness is in its last days and David Pledger thinks it has much to tell…

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