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First Nations billboards pushing the boundary of public art

The NETS Victoria program provides a 24/7 platform for three First Nations artists to turn roadside billboards into opportunities for…

Career Advice

Car park activation: Is it art?

Are carpark art activations valid public art or lazy developer obligation? We look at the opportunities and trends.


Viewing a city through 123 diverse lenses

PHOTO 2022 is revitalising Melbourne CBD (and beyond) with a showcase of installations, exhibitions and walking tours from over a…


Photography festival that taps into our humanity

PHOTO 2022 has released its program – a festival that dreams big, then delivers beyond expectation.


Putting people at the centre of desert festival

Parrtjima – A Festival in Light continues to evolve while enthralling visitors with holistic cultural experiences on Country.


Women artists reckon with war

Two recent works channel the voices of women in acts of resistance and resilience.


Asia Pacific artists headline Sydney Modern commission

AGNSW commissioned nine of the most current artists of our times to create site-specific works for Sydney Modern, due to…

a group of people in a laneway under a light installation

Why artists are vital to space activation

Recent pilot programs to re-activate public spaces post-pandemic reveal artists’ important role in these processes.


Botanical gardens launch participatory art

Botanical gardens world wide are collaborating with contemporary artists to explore socio-ecological issues and visitors are invited along the ride.


Arts community responds to Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Many in the arts community have stood up to show solidarity with the victims of war.

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