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Fingers drop a voting form into a slot in a stylised image of Australia.
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Election looming, so where is the arts policy?

We don’t need to wait for political parties to release formal arts and cultural policies when their unwritten policies are…

Opinions & Analysis

Patricia Cornelius on urgency and risk

A call to arms and a caution issued by Patricia Cornelius at the recent Australian Playwrights’ Festival presented by Currency…

Opinions & Analysis

How art connects the two most distant but closest nations on Earth

Helen Salmon, Director of British Council Australia, reflects on the role of art in uniting our two nations.

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Why RISE fund marks important sector moment

Big hART’s CEO and Creative Director Scott Rankin says RISE shows us it’s time to fund the arts with greater…

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No, the Federal Government didn’t spend $4 billion on COVID arts support

Recent claims by A New Approach relied on exaggerated government data, writes academic Ben Eltham.

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Now is not the time to cut corners on state arts funding

Victoria's Shadow Minister for the Arts and Creative Industries, David Davis MP, responds to a recent opinion piece by Minister…

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Uncertain future for Cockatoo Island

Will the bureaucratic 'swings and roundabouts' determining Cockatoo Island's use be a boon or a bust for the arts?

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Centring access and inclusion at the fringes

Fringe festivals internationally and locally are showing us what an accessible future could look like.

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Embracing risk aids good governance: advice for Boards and arts workers

Recent conversations about Boards suggest we all have things to learn when it comes to leading the companies we love.

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Opinions & Analysis

Unpacking ableism and challenging excellence: why disability arts needs a platform, not a box

Undercover Artist Festival's Madeleine Little explains why we need to get rid of boxes completely.