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Provenance, art and ethics: The ArtsHubbub episode 17

Who owns art and when should it be returned? NGA Director Nick Mitzevich speaks in our latest podcast.


Circus and the art of community: The ArtsHubbub episode 16

The circus company that plays together, stays together, according to two of the co-founders of Gravity and Other Myths.


Taking art and life to the extremes: The ArtsHubbub episode 15

In the latest episode of our podcast, journalist Jenny Valentish talks about how some people push themselves to extremes and…


Discovering resilience in music and arts education

In our latest podcast we talk with Associate Professor Rick Chew about the evolution of arts education and how performing…


Rachael Maza on the scarcity of First Nations performing arts companies

In the latest episode of The ArtsHubbub we speak with Rachael Maza, Artistic Director of First Nations theatre company ILBIJERRI…


Carly Findlay on centring disability in our latest podcast

In the latest ArtsHubbub episode, we speak with Carly Findlay about ableism, the media and the new book Growing Up…


Hope and loss: Visions 2020 with Sophie Cunningham

In the latest episode of our podcast, author and editor Sophie Cunningham reflects on the challenges of 2020 and the…


Pandemic travel for artists in our latest podcast

In Episode 10 of the ArtsHubbub we look at how COVID-19 has reshaped travel for artists and what this means…


The difference between older and Elder: The ArtsHubbub episode 9

Living legend Jack Charles talks about earning the honorific ‘Uncle’ in the latest edition of our monthly podcast, The Artshubbub.


Chasing philanthropy, inspiring volunteers and supporting the arts in our latest podcast

In the latest ArtsHubbub we look at the ways in which giving is supported in the arts. We speak with…

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