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How do I rejoin ArtsHub when I have previously been a member?

Login to your My Account using your previous email address and password (If you have forgotten your password follow the prompts to recover it) Once logged into your My Account click the button to “Renew Now” or “Join ArtsHub”

If you are part way through your ArtsHub membership and you want to cancel you may be charged a $66 early exit fee to cancel your membership. To cancel a membership please email us

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa and Mastercard as well as direct debit. If your account has been paused due to insufficient funds or an expired card click here

How do I manage my account (tax receipts, upgrade, payment information)

You can manage your ArtsHub membership using My Account. It is also displayed on all pages in the top right hand corner when you are logged in.

Your My Account dashboard allows you to see payments made or remaining for your ArtsHub membership, tax receipts and to opt-out or manage your membership.

How do I opt-out of my membership?

All memberships renew automatically at the end of your current membership term but you can opt-out of future payments by going to your My Account and clicking Opt-Out.

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