Punctum Inc.

Punctum experiments in Live Art - the best in the field.

Founded in 2004, Punctum is an artist-led Live Arts organisation based in Castlemaine, Australia.

We are small in scale and big in commitment.

We foster new approaches to performance making and audience engagement. Our productions, programs and curating generate unique opportunities for artists to experiment and create new performance works in a supportive regional setting. Artists associated with our programs are committed to developing new works that push boundaries and open new pathways for audience collaboration and participation. We invite artists to experiment with ways of creating and performing that encourage activation and reflection; to build contemporary art forms that are inclusive.
Across all our programs we draw on local knowledge, places and civic concerns, working in close proximity with residents. We create performances through which the people can collectively reinterpret their present, reconsider their past and re imagine their future.

In this way, Punctum advances contemporary performance practice by growing it in regional contexts.

We drive two programs:
Works (Punctum in-house multi-year commissioned, curated and created works, 34 works since 2004) and Residencies (‘Seedpod’ – development residency, ‘Seedpod Amplified’- extend residency culminating in a finished work presentation, and the ‘White Space’ – a studio and exhibition space; over 380 artists mentored since 2008)

We create programs which give contemporary art a central place in regional culture. Our aesthetic, like our approach to creating works and assisting artists, shifts with the expression of each artist, subject and setting.

In 2011 Punctum was funded as a cultural leader in Live Arts through the Australia Council’s Cultural Leadership initiative, and in 2012 we were cited in Regional Arts Victoria’s Key Producer document as being one of two regionally based Victorian “icon” arts organisations.

We seek to produce live performance works that seize our attention, and hold us in the grip of their adventure; works that draw on all that artists and audiences bring and give of themselves to reach completion.The works and programs we create are rigorous and unapologetically riotous, risky, generous, ambiguous, hilarious, idiotic, beautiful, messy, intriguing, intelligent, and extraordinary like life; works that as artists have us shaking with fear at where they might lead us, and gasping with surprise at where we find ourselves.

Punctum is an intended art accident that creates a blemish on the well-made stages of art because it’s that blemish that reminds us of our humanity.

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