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Our mission:
Express Media provides support and development opportunities for young Australians in writing and media

Our program:
Express Media is recognised as the peak organisation for young writers in Australia, and we present an annual artistic program that aims to develop creative skills and build capacity among young people:

Our impact:
Express Media has a proud history of providing young people with opportunities to express themselves, with the aim of impacting positively on personal development and wellbeing. Writers, academics and health professionals from across the world have acknowledged that for young people, writing can:

Our organisation:
Express Media is a national, not-for-profit, incorporated association founded in 1985, the UN International Youth Year. Express Media has DGR and tax charity concession status, and is managed by a board of 12 members and a small team of staff. Our financial supporters include a range of government and philanthropic organisations. We are always looking for financial assistance to support our work.
Express Media is proud to be housed in the new Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas at the State Library of Victoria, as part of the UNESCO Melbourne City of Literature.

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