Australia's premier centre for contemporary dance, combining research, training and performance.

A solid, resilient and unique organisation, with a long-standing reputation for excellence and rigour in delivering its diversity of programs and services, Dancehouse exists to advance independent contemporary dance in Australia.
Established by a working group of independent dance practitioners, Dancehouse is the only presenter in Australia dedicated solely to contemporary dance.  From its base in Melbourne, its reputation and influence has crossed state boundaries to shape the art form nationally and internationally.







Through its programs of research, performance and artist development, Dancehouse creates an environment wherecreative risk, independent career paths, collaborative relationships and diverse practice and presentation can flourish and proliferate. At the vanguard of contemporary dance, Dancehouse presents rigorous, cutting-edge research and performance, thus playing a significant role in the development of innovative dance practices, new audiences and ongoing artistic enquiry. Dancehouse is also a crucial link to a network of movement practices, artists and organisations, in Australia and internationally. Dancehouse thus nurtures and connects the independent dance community with audiences and networks, locally and globally, contributing solidly to outstanding and sustainable career paths and engendering a broader and more informed appreciation of the art form.
With a 20-year history Dancehouse has, in recent years, emerged as a confident, competently governed and resilient key industry leader in nurturing new thinking, supporting engaged dance practices and cultivating audience access and appreciation. Recent programs – Dance Territories (with Melbourne Festival) and the highly profiled Dancehouse International tours – have brought unprecedented recognition and momentum. Dancehouse is undoubtedly an art innovator, a hub of knowledge, resources and opportunities for dance makers, and a catalyst of inspiring approaches to engage with new audiences.
The only organisation of its kind in Australia and an unique incubator for developing challenging, invigorating and socially engaged art, Dancehouse stands strongly and truly for independence, experimentation and for the belief that art is a necessary and powerful force in contemporary society. Dancehouse connects our minds with our bodies and the way we exist in the world, generating that which is new, surprising and enlivening.

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