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Are you a creative living or working in Hobsons Bay that needs to offset, contribute to, or cover venue costs?

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Jun 1, 2022




All Arts

As part of Council’s COVID -19 Community Support Package 4 (CSP 4) to provide funding which targets local artists and creatives during the economy recovery phase, $12,500 is allocated to support local creatives to use local facilities and venues. Funding of up to $500 is available for artists, arts practitioners and arts related community groups to offset, contribute to, or cover costs in using hire spaces located in Hobsons Bay.

The funds to enable the hire of space can be allocated towards hire of a local venue for running an arts related workshop, rehearsal, visual arts exhibition or to develop or perform a performance (music, theatre, performance etc). The term venue is used loosely to define a space in which creative endeavours are undertaken and can include but is not limited to studio, community hall, community centre, neighbourhood house, gallery, dance studio, theatre, function venue. Venues can be Council, community or private spaces.  The venue needs to be located in Hobsons Bay.  

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