City of Canada Bay

Halloween Ephemeral Art Benches

Halloween Ephemeral Art Bench Installation

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Jul 26, 2024




Visual Arts

The City of Canada Bay is seeking to commission ephemeral art bench installations for Halloween 2024.  

The installations on public bench seating will need to be designed for a minimum of 4-week lifespan and be in place on or before Thursday, 3 October 2024, in the lead up to Council’s Halloween Festival on Majors Bay Road, Concord.

Council proposes to engage a creative, artist or artisan to undertake the installations which will reflect the creative expression associated with Halloween.

This opportunity transforms a common piece of built infrastructure into a vibrant and welcoming sight using colour, movement, fabrics, verse or similar. 

The artworks are designed to be clearly visible from the adjacent street frontages. 

There are many possible approaches, and the City of Canada Bay is open to proposals that excite and have the potential to create a strong social media footprint. Council may decide to commission a single creative to undertake the project or up to 3 individual artisans depending on the submissions received. 

The City of Canada Bay are keen supporters of sustainability, and these installations offer an opportunity to re-use materials in the development of the work. 

To read the artist brief please click here. Submissions close at 5pm on Friday, 26 July 2024.

If you have any enquiries please reach out to:

E: P: 02 9911 6432