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Fundraising Masterclass with Bernard Ross

Join Bernard Ross (UK) of =mc consulting for our nationwide Masterclass as he demonstrates how decision science can be your best tool when developing your next fundraising campaign.

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Mar 13, 2024




All Arts

In an intensive, inspiring, and engaging day you’ll discover tools and frameworks that explain:

  • Why we need to make our fundraising asks simpler, quicker and easier to understand.
  • Why asking prospects about their motivation and intentions doesn’t work.
  • How to find out how your donors actually make decisions.
  • How to reduce the barriers to supporter engagement.
  • Why framing, anchoring, norming, defaults, progress and reciprocity are your best friends.

As well as high level input from Bernard Ross you’ll also enjoy:

  • Small group and individual exercises.
  • Case studies showing impact and results.
  • The chance to apply the ideas to your own work.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop supporter personas that give insights to their real motivations.
  • Identify the psychological, physical, and cultural barriers stopping audiences donating.
  • Frame your work in a salient and memorable way.
  • Build longer term and more powerful relationships with your supporter clusters.
  • Create ‘decision architectures’, including supporter journeys, to engage and inspire.

Who is it for:

Fundraising professionals, executives and CEOs within small, medium and major arts and cultural organisations who are ready to:

  • move beyond existing ‘best practice’ to deliver outstanding results.
  • apply innovative techniques in a creative way.
  • give supporters the chance to give more.

This masterclass is not suitable for beginners or organisations without a fundraising plan to build on, or those with little knowledge of philanthropy. To learn the basic tenets of arts fundraising, you may wish to attend one of our Fundamentals of Arts Fundraising Workshops.

So that we can tailor the masterclass to attendees, once registered, you’ll be asked to complete a brief pre-event survey about your level of fundraising expertise and what you’d like to achieve.

The masterclass will include group discussions and individual exercises. You’ll gain insights from examples drawn from around the world; and you will walk away with the know-how to develop your institution’s capacity for embracing new opportunities, and an actionable plan to attract strategic philanthropy.

If you have any questions regarding the Masterclass with Bernard Ross please contact the Private Investment Capability Team on, 03 9616 0321.

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