Melbourne Fringe Festival

Design Fringe for Gender Equity

Exhibition opportunity for female and non-binary designers, including mentorships, professional development opportunities and a discounted registration fee.


Opportunity Details

Closing Date

Aug 26, 2024



This opportunity is for artists and designers interested in exhibiting in Design Fringe 2024. Read more about Design Fringe here.

In our seventh year of the Design Fringe for Gender Equity initiative, we want to make big changes to the industry and see them stick.

Gender might be just a construct, but it’s a construct that sees men paid more than other genders in many industries – and the design industry is one of ‘em. Thanks to the support of the Naomi Milgrom Foundation and the Victorian Women’s Trust, Design Fringe is actively supporting gender equity in the design sector and is our attempt to redress the balance.

We have offered female and non-binary designers and artists the opportunity to participate in this exciting initiative, which includes:

  • A 13.3% discount off your rego fee if you are a female or non-binary designer. This represents the current gender pay gap in Australia.
  • Mentorships for female and non-binary designers. The program pairs industry leading female and non-binary designers with emerging designers.
  • Talks and workshops by industry leading female and non-binary designers.
  • Additional profile-raising opportunities, including artist tours of the exhibition led by female and non-binary participants. Go on, spruik your work!

That’s what this initiative is all about.

Equality. That’s it. Just equality.

Find out more and register here.