Artist Residency - France 2022

In one of the southernmost towns of the Chalais region, Indre, there’s a particular part of the countryside called La Barre. In La Barre, one cosy farm is ready to…


Opportunity Details

Closing Date

Jun 28, 2022




Visual Arts

The La Barre Artist Residency is an artist-run initiative positioned on a small slice of rural french country side in Chalais, France.


Our residency provides emerging and mid-career artists a place for innovation and experimentation, offering an immersive environment, intercultural reciprocity and professional support.

The La Barre Residency is the type of experience where artists tailor their own transitions between unbroken concentration within their discipline, on the one hand, and broader, less familiar interactions, on the other hand – with other artists, with the residing animals of the farm and with the Chalais region. We are delighted to help fulfil requests to explore nearby villages or natural and historic landmarks. And we expect group activities and workshopping opportunities to arise organically and spontaneously, as the residency program develops its own character in the coming years, based on the qualities and innovations of the artist participants.

Our program emphasises a self-guided freedom that echoes the spaciousness of rural living. We demand of artists no strict material outcomes. The agenda of any given day can mold to the artist’s favoured methods, tempos, motivations. We extend a grounded experience of practice and expression; an experience outside the habits (and the time pressures) of an artist’s ordinary surroundings. 

Accommodation + Studios

`There are two bedrooms on site. These living facilities are basic but cater for all necessities.

There is a large indoor studio with existing strecthers and desk, as well as a forrest with outdoor stretchers, desk and platform.


Minimum 2 weeks   €420

1 Month   €780

2 Months   €1400

Application Process

La Barre is currently taking applications for the July – November 2022 summer season.

For more information see the application page here.