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Art Appreciation 2023 Online

Golden threads: tracing connections between artists, collections and cultures.

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Mar 31, 2024


New South Wales


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Join us for the 2023 Art Appreciation lecture program as a range of scholars and researchers, including popular past lecturers, lead a fascinating discussion about the evolution of artistic taste, the role of art museums, the art market, influential individuals and other factors in defining what art is collected and why.

Each lecturer will take as their starting point one artwork from the Art Gallery of New South Wales collection then delve deeper to consider how this work reflects a particular moment in time by examining its context, including the culture of the era and the art movements that influenced the artist.

They will ask why particular artworks are significant, why the artists created them in the first place, and how each artist’s work has been perceived, collected and interpreted over time. They will draw connections between the treasures in the Art Gallery’s collection with those held in museums, galleries and other collections across the world.

Held over three terms (a total of 36 weeks), the 2023 program will include important works by well-loved artists such as Paul Cézanne, Grace Cossington Smith, John Olsen, John Russell, Jessie Traill and Brett Whiteley. Many of the works have been acquired with the support of Art Gallery members.

Throughout 2023 we’ll be celebrating the contribution that members have made to building the Art Gallery collection over the past 70 years, creating a legacy of over 240 artworks for the people of NSW and future generations.

To book

This online program offers recordings of the Art Appreciation 2023 lectures presented onsite at the Art Gallery. You can book individual lectures, a whole term or the entire series.

Booking links for terms and series can be found under ‘See prices’.

Booking links for individual lectures will be available from the first date in the online viewing period for each lecture, which is two weeks after the lecture is presented at the Art Gallery.

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