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A person with dark trousers, short hair and a towel around their neck is standing in the distance of a set made to look like an empty pool. There is a stepladder on the top right. Swim.

Theatre review: Swim, Carriageworks

A trip to a public pool provokes deep, submerged reflections.

Two men on stage singing opera, one with white body paint as a ghost. Hamlet.

Opera review: Hamlet, Opera Australia

Revenge thriller, psychological drama – this reworking of Hamlet is an emotionally charged and brilliant piece of work.

A man on a dimly lit stage has his arms outstretched. His large shadow is projected behind him on the wall. An Imaginary Life.

Theatre review: An Imaginary Life, Moores Building Art Space, Fremantle

An impressive adaptation of David Malouf's classic novella about Ovid.


Theatre review: A Streetcar Named Desire, Playhouse, Arts Centre Melbourne

The MTC's take on Williams' 20th century classic impresses, but lacks genuine menace.

Two men are holding up paper puppets that are dressed in the same clothing as they are. Hare Brain.

Theatre review: Hare Brain, Claremont Show Grounds, Perth

Inanimate objects came to life in this rendition of the hare and the tortoise tale.

A woman wearing a cardboard crown. She has a black top over a light blue skivvy. La Belle Epoque.

Theatre review: La Belle Epoque, Theatre Works

A multimedia play that interweaves different art forms to tell the story of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

A woman wearing a fancy ruffly red dress and tiny matching hat is standing in front of a pop art sign that says 'Popera.' She has one arm stretched out.

Performance review: Popera: Sex, Death & Politics, The Butterfly Club

Uma Dobia plays a feminist icon in 'Popera', ready to stamp out opera’s entrenched sexism in sparkly knee-high boots.

MSO. Dan Sultan. A man is seated at a piano on the left. He's singing. In the background are an orchestra of strings. A conductor is on the right.

Music review: Dan Sultan x MSO, Hamer Hall

This masterful collaboration demonstrated the immense power of elevating First Nations voices on the orchestral stage.

A man in shadow is crouched over in the centre of the room. Around him are four people, two standing on chairs. They are throwing bit of paper in the air. The lighting is awash in red and white spotlight. Elegies: A Song Cycle.

Theatre review: Elegies: A Song Cycle, fortyfivedownstairs

A new production company makes its premiere with a slick and funnier than expected rendition of songs about losing loved…

Two women argue. The woman on the left has shoulder-length hair and wears a blue and white striped top. The angrier woman on the right has a scarf covering her hair. Behind her stands a man in a red and black flannel short who appears to be trying to calm her down.

Theatre review: Sunset Strip, New Theatre

The New Theatre tackles a play by one of Australia’s hottest theatrical exports.

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