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The five Olympic rings.

Literary Olympics: what wordsmith events would be on the program?

Imagine if there were an Olympics that favoured (bookish) brains over brawn. What would it look like?

With the closure of Booktopia, the Austral;ian book industry is reeling.

Booktopia is poised to collapse – what next?

Booktopia, Australia's largest online book retailer, went into voluntary administration last week. The industry is reeling.

A pale pink background. There is a large gold coin with the number 1 on it hanging above three piles of coins.

How did winning literary awards affect your life?

Whether it's validating your own work, buying more time to write more books or even changing the whole course of…

A town hall event will audience and colourful lighting in room. City of Sydney.

What a $20 million lifeline for Sydney’s cultural life buys

‘Our creative workforce increasingly can’t afford to live or work here,’ Clover Moore, Lord Mayor. ArtsHub look at the City…

Literary agent. Image is a young Caucasian person on the phone sitting at a desk and throwing pages in the air in frustration.

5 tips for finding a literary agent

So you have your manuscript ready, but how do you go about finding an agent to represent you?

The Blak Infinite. Image is artwork of cartoon like spaceships with people falling out of them.

Thinking about aliens – The Blak Infinite envelops Fed Square this RISING

Behind the spaceships and bright lights in this RISING program of free events and installations lies a deeper story.

aerial view of people looking at art books

Autumn art reads

With the colder weather settling in, why not curl up with an art book? ArtsHub looks at the latest releases,…

Technical writer. Bookshelves full of colour coded files or bound reports. Along the top shelf are blue, green, lime and yellow ones. On the bottom grey and white.

Do you have what it takes to be a technical writer?

Are you very analytical, with an excellent grasp of communicating in plain English? You may be a good fit for…

cat in a book. Tabby cat sits in a studio on a pile of papers or manuscripts. It is facing the left and looking off into the distance. The studio is filled with books and detritus and there is a woman in the background doing some sort of admin.

Look, look, a cat in a book! (part 2)

Still don't have enough cat books in your life? Here are 10 more books, especially for the young.

Melbourne Art Book Fair returns for its 10th anniversary. Photo: Sean Fennessy. Photo of different art books with a range of bespoke covers.

Are art books an anomaly in the publishing industry?

As Melbourne Art Book Fair gears for its 10th anniversary, ArtsHub asks how art and design books have survived the…

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