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Why are we giving shows like Miss Saigon a rerun in 2023?

As the 1989 musical 'Miss Saigon' returns to stages, one can't overlook the overt racism underscoring the "classic" yet outdated…


What our opera companies have on offer in 2023

Two Wagner Ring Cycles, First Nations and new commissioned works, plus a Gilbert and Sullivan festival, offer some diverse opera…

A dark-skinned woman with curly hair stands in profile to the camera. She is wearing a disposable surgical mask.
Opinions & Analysis

A show to die for

Chronically ill and disabled people are already familiar with judging risks to their lives. What can they teach the performing…

Opinions & Analysis

Gender inequality at UK’s Royal Opera

A new study by Caitlin Vincent, Amanda Coles and Jordan Beth Vincent investigates women’s representation at one of the world’s…

Opinions & Analysis

Reimagining the dinosaur: opera after COVID-19

In a post-coronavirus world, opera has a unique opportunity to redress and re-birth for lasting change.

Opinions & Analysis

Opera and the doing of women

A united call to action for cultural leadership and systemic change in opera co-authored by Sally Blackwood, Liza Lim, Peggy…

Opinions & Analysis

Livestreaming opera into the future

Opera is not an art form that often makes it inside the primary school classroom. Livestreaming can reach students in…

Opinions & Analysis

Opera needs to evolve

The recent National Opera Review concentrated on the big fish - but innovation is often found with independent artists.

Opinions & Analysis

Why we need to cancel Opera Australia’s national status

Opera Australia is not really a national company. It should become the State Opera of NSW and support should be…

Opinions & Analysis

Opera costing more, losing audiences

The Federal Government pays an average of $60 for ticket-holder but opera is still losing both money and audiences. At…

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