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Talking about languages and why sovereign peoples don’t want to be called Indigenous

A recent panel discussed the importance of language and self-determination for First Nations people.

Long open road in outback Australia. Tourism.
Opinions & Analysis

Surprises as most cultural Australian cities (per capita) revealed

Recent data shows that regional cities offer top cultural experiences.

Opinions & Analysis

Value starts with self-value, then honours follow

If we want to see more artists and arts workers included in the Order of Australia, we need to nominate…

detail of eye on money.
Opinions & Analysis

Questions raised over ‘Simpler. Fairer. Faster.’ arts funding model

Create NSW has announced a new approach to its arts funding model, but first reactions say it favours competitiveness over…

Golden Lion. Four men and one woman stand on a stage with a Biennale Arte backdrop. The man in the middle is First Nations and wears a beanie; he is holding the Golden Lion aloft.
Opinions & Analysis

Back to back Golden Lions for Australia

Recent artistic achievements on the world stage are remarkable and deserve to be celebrated, says the CEO of Creative Australia.

editorial intern, things I've learned. Image is a pond of brightly coloured koi carp swimming around.
Opinions & Analysis

3 things I've learned as an ArtsHub Editorial Intern

Editorial Intern Clara shares her key takeaways from her time at ArtsHub.

Lake Taupo. A Maori rock carving in a cliff face above water.
Opinions & Analysis

New Zealanders' relationship with the arts revealed

A look at Creative NZ’s recently released triennial survey, with some in-depth insight into how Aotearoa views the arts and…

Image is a group of graduating university students, shot from behind, throwing their mortar boards in the air.
Opinions & Analysis

The misguided misfires of university pricing controls

You can lead the students to STEM, but if that's not how they think...

Music concert with red smoke and lighting.
Opinions & Analysis

Soundcheck report tabled … and serious work is required for survival

Creative Australia has released its Soundcheck report into Australia’s music festival sector. ArtsHub takes a look at the findings.

QSO Clerici conducts Mahler Photo: Stewart Tyrrell
Opinions & Analysis

The QSO, AI and the challenge of authenticity

The Queensland Symphony Orchestra has been criticised for its use of AI in an advertising campaign, but are we being…

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