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Candide. Four singers lined up. In the middle are a man in blue shirt and shorts with red braces and a woman in a green strappy 1950s type house dress with a little apron. On either side are two women - one all in orange, including her glasses frames and a wig, and the other the same but in yellow.

Opera review: Candide, Her Majesty's Theatre

A joyous musical confection and a colourful celebration of self-discovery.

A screen displays the words The Lion King, in fornt of the screen is an orchestra

Performance review: The Lion King in Concert, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra empowered a Disney classic with the majesty and power it deserves.

Teenage performers in tuxedos and shorts jump out of a white piano in Tempo by the Flying Fruit Fly Circus at Art Centre Melbourne.

Performance review: Tempo, Arts Centre Melbourne

The Fruities jump back onto our stages with a music themed performance.

White male author Simon Barnard (left) with black book cover for James Hardy Vaux's 1819 Dictionary of Criminal Slang

Book review: 1819 Dictionary of Criminal Slang, James Hardy Vaux and Simon Barnard

Simon Barnard brings new light to a dictionary from the early days of Australia's colonisation.

Festival review: week three, Brisbane Festival

Some of the highlights of week three of Brisbane Festival.

There's Something About Music from L to R: Irena Lysiuk, Naomi Price, Luke Kennedy and Marcus Corowa Photo: Damien Bredburg

Review: Brisbane Festival opening

An eclectic opening night event set the tone of inclusivity and diversity for Brisbane Festival’s 2023 program.


Festival review: Dark Mofo 2023 Week One

Two days worth of music and art in Tasmania in one review.


Festival review: Blazing Swan, Perth

A seven-day festival dedicated to themes of self-expression and self-reliance.


Dance review: Kenneth MacMillan's Manon

A little staged romantic tragedy makes a triumphant return.


Theatre review: Ghost Stories

The Australian premiere of a London smash hit production thrills and entertains.

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