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A banana with a condom and a sliced papaya underneath.
Opinions & Analysis

Moral panic over sex-ed book overlooks real value of teen sex education

The moral panic over a sex education book for teens has seen Big W staff abused, and ignores the ways…

A shelf of old leather-bound history books
Opinions & Analysis

Decolonising the written word

As an editor, a relatively new part of my brief is to be on the alert for colonial exceptionalism. What…

Opinions & Analysis

The forgotten history of Tasmania’s convict nurseries

Unearthing the tragic fates of hundreds of babies in the early 1800s.

Opinions & Analysis

How creative writing helps teens cope with COVID

Creative writing is therapeutic for teenagers, and also shows them new ways of supporting one another.

Opinions & Analysis

Finding gay panic in writing

When author Jonathan Butler started researching his ancestor’s sexuality, he soon encountered the thorny business of outing the dead.

A stack of books with the top one called Bestseller on its spine
Opinions & Analysis

Marketing books in the digital age

As she grows her publishing house from scratch, Terri-ann White offers advice on marketing books.

Opinions & Analysis

Publishing models for changed conditions

Which publishing models can thrive in these uneasy times? The answer might surprise.

Opinions & Analysis

Writers represent the arts’ fragility at Parliamentary Inquiry

At the first hearing at the Parliamentary Inquiry into the arts, three writers and a literary journal editor told of…