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Theatre review: Carnival of the Animals, Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

An all-ages journey into the seriousness of life in Perth


Theatre review: Perahu-Perahu, OzAsia Festival

A sea voyage through shadowplay.


Theatre review: A Not So Traditional Story

Terrapin Puppet Theatre makes Tasmania’s dark history accessible for the young.


Theatre review: The One Who Planted Trees

Entertainment with a green message.


Theatre review: Ishmael, Brisbane Festival

Despite clever technological effects, a reimagining of Moby Dick is a bold experiment that fails to ignite.


Theatre Review: The Lighthouse and Bluey's Big Play

Two very different experiences to engage wonder and play.


Puppetry Review: Picasso and his Dog

The artist and his dachshund : a long-lasting, inspirational friendship


Theatre Review: Beanstalk, Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

Comedian, actor, writer and director Sam Longley beautifully brings to life the 'revised' version of Jack and the Beanstalk.


On Our Beach, Spare Parts Puppet Theatre (WA)

A delightful interactive and immersive experience that explores our connection to each other and the land we live on.


Review: Moominpappa at Sea by Spare Parts Puppet Theatre

Moominpappa at Sea is a delightful way to kick off your new year of theatre and immerse the little ones…

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