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Hamish Fletcher

He's created culinary-based puppetry and taken shows internationally, yet Hamish Fletcher is in denial that he works in the arts.


Stephen Nicolazzo

Creating an on-stage world totally unlike the one we live in is the best thing about this theatre director's job.


Steve Arnold, cinematographer

Steve Arnold is an award-winning cinematographer.


Joseph Boin (aka Destroy)

Perth-based Joseph Boin (aka Destroy) is a freelance artist who works in paint, airbrush, aerosol and illustration.


Todd Fuller

Todd Fuller is a 24 year old graduate of Sydney's National Art School. His practice encompasses drawing, painting, sculpture, animation…


Seanne Farmer

Originally from Louisiana, Seanne Farmer is an experienced Stage Manager with a long career in the music industry.


Leisa Gibbons

Leisa Gibbons is an Australian Community records management consultant, digital cultural heritage PhD student and a general tech b


Mike Jones

Mike Jones is an Australian Writer and Creative producer who works in both traditional and new media.


Andrea Powell

Andrea is a Melbourne-based actor, author and comedian renowned for her characterisations and alter ego Ethel Chop.


>[sdc]< (Simon Currie)

Contemporary visual artist Simon Currie, also known as >[sdc]< is a Sydney-based painter, photographer and printmaker.

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