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A performer in an elaborate gown and collar stands on a spotlit plinth in a darkened room, surrounded by audience members sitting on the floor.
Opinions & Analysis

How to make a National Cultural Policy submission (and why you should)

Submissions to the National Cultural Policy consultation don’t have to be complex; what’s important is that they’re made in large…

An alluring pile of books and journals sit on a table in front of a crowded bookshelf, tempting the avid reader.
Opinions & Analysis

How saving a bookshop can strengthen society

Bookshops strengthen the social fabric, one of many reasons The TS Bookshop must be saved, argues Mary Dalmau.

Opinions & Analysis

Why are climate activists glueing themselves to paintings?

Climate activists are targeting priceless art to spread their message. Here's why the seemingly absurd act is more than a…

A close up of an Aboriginal artist's hand creating a new painting.
Opinions & Analysis

Protecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visual arts and crafts

A new report, currently in draft form, focuses on ways to address fake 'Indigenous-style' art and support Aboriginal and Torres…

A dark-skinned woman with curly hair stands in profile to the camera. She is wearing a disposable surgical mask.
Opinions & Analysis

A show to die for

Chronically ill and disabled people are already familiar with judging risks to their lives. What can they teach the performing…


Do you agree? Australia's 10 most famous artworks

Some artworks are so enduring they shape the popular belief as being 'famed', while others are surprising in ranking as…

Career Advice

Does passion really spring eternal?

What happens when the passion runs dry in your creative project, The Big Idea's Verity Johnson asks?


Audiences embrace festivals and blockbusters despite COVID risk

Australia reached a new record of COVID-related deaths this week but the news is not tempering arts audiences, who are…

The Centrelink logo photographed against a cloud-dappled sky.
Opinions & Analysis

Points-based jobseeker system will compromise artists’ work

Changes to the JobSeeker benefit scheme starting on 1 July will unduly impact artists, argues NAVA's Leya Reid.

Opinions & Analysis

Value starts with self-value, then honours follow

If we want to see more artists and arts workers included in the Order of Australia, we need to nominate…

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