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Opinions & Analysis

Greening the arts through collective action

Liv Satchell and Christian Taylor discuss the importance of sustainability plans and environmental awareness when creating new indie theatre productions.

Opinions & Analysis

Patricia Cornelius on urgency and risk

A call to arms and a caution issued by Patricia Cornelius at the recent Australian Playwrights’ Festival presented by Currency…

Two First Nations actors one sitting on a couch, the other covered in blood.
Opinions & Analysis

First Nations drama shaping us in the 1990s

The potency of drama in the development of our national story has been greatly under appreciated, argues Professor Julian Meyrick…

Tasnim Hossain at Griffin Theatre readthroughs
Opinions & Analysis

'Why are you here?' How to make theatres more welcoming

From finding the box office to seeing other faces that look like yours, accessibility is about more than bathrooms and…

Opinions & Analysis

Why we need online theatre after lockdown

Accessing theatre online is a post-pandemic imperative, argues playwright and performer Jamila Main.

Opinions & Analysis

On the future of touring

The show can’t always go on, but it can shift, pivot and be reimagined.

Opinions & Analysis

Playing our part: a regional perspective on the current arts crisis

NORPA’s Julian Louis calls on all levels of government to acknowledge the complexity and interconnected nature of the arts industry…

Opinions & Analysis

Arts sponsorship raises ethical questions

Can Perth have an ethical and sustainable Fringe Festival?

Opinions & Analysis

Drama cuts that hurt us all

Theatre has so much more to offer than economic benefits, argues Professor Julian Meyrick.

Opinions & Analysis

A cultural pathway for Adelaide

The excitement of 'Mad March' in Adelaide could last all year with clever activation of the city's infrastructure.

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