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A dark-skinned woman with curly hair stands in profile to the camera. She is wearing a disposable surgical mask.
Opinions & Analysis

A show to die for

Chronically ill and disabled people are already familiar with judging risks to their lives. What can they teach the performing…

Opinions & Analysis

Gender inequality at UK’s Royal Opera

A new study by Caitlin Vincent, Amanda Coles and Jordan Beth Vincent investigates women’s representation at one of the world’s…

Opinions & Analysis

Reimagining the dinosaur: opera after COVID-19

In a post-coronavirus world, opera has a unique opportunity to redress and re-birth for lasting change.

Opinions & Analysis

Opera and the doing of women

A united call to action for cultural leadership and systemic change in opera co-authored by Sally Blackwood, Liza Lim, Peggy…

Opinions & Analysis

Livestreaming opera into the future

Opera is not an art form that often makes it inside the primary school classroom. Livestreaming can reach students in…

Opinions & Analysis

Opera needs to evolve

The recent National Opera Review concentrated on the big fish - but innovation is often found with independent artists.

Opinions & Analysis

Why we need to cancel Opera Australia’s national status

Opera Australia is not really a national company. It should become the State Opera of NSW and support should be…

Opinions & Analysis

Opera costing more, losing audiences

The Federal Government pays an average of $60 for ticket-holder but opera is still losing both money and audiences. At…

Opinions & Analysis

A first-timer's guide to the opera

A first night at the opera turns out to be filled with surprises - not all of them on stage.

Opinions & Analysis

National Opera Review: listening but to what end?

The Opera Australia Review will short change Victoria, and itself, if it ignores useful comparisons with the Victorian Opera.

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