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Q&A: Indigenous Artist Tony Albert on appropriation, identity and Margaret Preston

Using vintage Aboriginal-styled fabrics, artist Tony Albert's new work sits in conversation with Margaret Preston's iconic linocuts and asks the…

Opinions & Analysis

Deep cuts at ANU's School of Art and Design

Australia's Craft and Design community will be severely impacted by the implementation of proposed cuts to the Australian National University's…

Opinions & Analysis

Death by a thousand cuts: Is Australia’s Craft and Design sector in peril?

Can the Craft and Design sector recover from the recent AusCo funding cuts on top of COVID-19 setbacks? We speak…

Opinions & Analysis

A Lesson from Gen X women to Gen Y creatives

From mentorship to resilience, patience and power, Gen X women have learnt to navigate our male-dominated world for change –…

Opinions & Analysis

2019 is the year of Indigenous Languages, so get talking

First Nations artists and arts workers offer advice on how to embrace the International Year of Indigenous Languages.

Opinions & Analysis

10 buzzwords that dominated the arts in 2018

Our language tells us a lot about who we are: our confidence, our embrace of trends, our professionalism and our…

Opinions & Analysis

Creatives have the power to change politics NOW

Claiming a formerly safe Liberal seat will create greater visibility for art and culture. The Arts Party head to the…

Opinions & Analysis

NAVA Executive Director criticises recent NSW arts summit

Esther Anatolitis offers a fiery response to a missed opportunity, saying the Arts2025 summit spiralled to a point where all…

Opinions & Analysis

Jazz losing time to capitalism's bebop

A great festival success deserves stability. Instead Wangaratta Jazz has lost both triennial funding and visionary leadership.

Opinions & Analysis

Lucrative opportunities in arts research collaboration

A recent report showed that Australia was at the bottom of the list when it came to business-university collaboration. The…

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