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A performer in an elaborate gown and collar stands on a spotlit plinth in a darkened room, surrounded by audience members sitting on the floor.
Opinions & Analysis

How to make a National Cultural Policy submission (and why you should)

Submissions to the National Cultural Policy consultation don’t have to be complex; what’s important is that they’re made in large…

Opinions & Analysis

Why are climate activists glueing themselves to paintings?

Climate activists are targeting priceless art to spread their message. Here's why the seemingly absurd act is more than a…

Career Advice

Does passion really spring eternal?

What happens when the passion runs dry in your creative project, The Big Idea's Verity Johnson asks?

Opinions & Analysis

Value starts with self-value, then honours follow

If we want to see more artists and arts workers included in the Order of Australia, we need to nominate…

Wintery scene of shivering man in snowstorm

Research says cold weather is good for the arts

Beating the chill: what research tells us about cold weather and our culture-going habits.

Opinions & Analysis

Re-centring the voice of the artist

The voice of the artist is once again welcome on the national agenda – and Australia’s newly elected politicians are…

Opinions & Analysis

‘Nine years hard’ on national cultural policy

Nine years of Coalition arts management was devoid of consistency, understanding and genuine purpose, according to Julian Meyrick.

World globe with Australia in the foreground and a rising sun.
Opinions & Analysis

A newly Creative Australia

With Labor coming into power, they want to hit the ground running using their previous Creative Australia policy. Ben Francis…

Man (Tony Burke) smiles as
Opinions & Analysis

What Labor promised the arts

With Labor forming government, we revisit what Tony Burke promised for the arts and ask the sector to keep him…

Several hands raised to the sky
Opinions & Analysis

40,000 artists’ votes up for grabs!

On the eve of the election, David Pledger argues that artists should vote for policies that look to their most…

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